ClearPath’s mission is to develop and advance conservative policies that accelerate clean energy innovation. To advance that mission, we develop cutting-edge policy and collaborate with academics and industry. An entrepreneurial, young, strategic nonprofit, ClearPath (501(c)(3)) partners with in-house and external experts on nuclear, carbon capture, hydropower, natural gas, energy storage and energy innovation to advance our mission.

Our Team

Jay Faison
Rich Powell
Executive Director
Zak Baig
Managing Director - Government Affairs
Jeremy Harrell
Managing Director - Policy
Andrea Steiner
Managing Director - Operations and Organizational Development
Luke Bolar
Managing Director - External Affairs
Jeff Morehouse
Government Affairs Director
Chris Tomassi
Government Affairs Director
Mitch Kersey
Production Director
Justin Ong
Program Director
Faith M. Smith
Policy Analyst
Cole Simons
Chief of Staff
Cameron Tarry
Policy Fellow