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Greg Walden joins board of clean energy group 2021/02/19 ClearPath Greg Walden Joins ClearPath Advisory Board 2021/02/19 ClearPath USA Urged to Adopt Global Strategy on Advanced Nuclear Power 2021/02/16 ClearPath Advanced Nuclear Proponents Ask Biden for Help 2021/02/16 ClearPath 8 Reasons Why the Political Argument Against Climate Action Is Wrong 2021/02/16 ClearPath The Innovation Push Could Garner Bipartisan Support 2021/02/12 ClearPath Founder of Meeteor Mamie Kanfer Stewart and Clean Energy Rich Powell 2021/02/08 ClearPath Biden Pushes for Carbon Capture Progress 2021/02/08 ClearPath Mini Nuclear Power Plants for Climate Protection 2021/02/05 ClearPath Movers and Shakers 2021/02/04 ClearPath Movers and Shakers 2021/02/04 ClearPath Top Trump DOE official joins conservative energy group 2021/02/04 ClearPath Is Bipartisan Climate Action Possible? 2021/02/02 ClearPath The Clean Energy Policy That Could Strengthen Texas Oil & Gas 2021/01/27 ClearPath Movers and Shakers 2021/01/27 ClearPath Senate Staffer Who Shaped Energy Bill Joins ClearPath 2021/01/27 ClearPath Movers and Shakers 2021/01/26 ClearPath Murkowski aide exits to conservative energy group 2021/01/26 ClearPath Carbon capture expert joins conservative clean energy group 2021/01/08 ClearPath How the Georgia election results just raised Biden’s climate ambitions 2021/01/07 ClearPath Climate, Energy ‘Singles,’ Not Home Runs, Seen in New Landscape 2021/01/07 ClearPath Movers and Shakers 2021/01/05 ClearPath Movers and Shakers 2021/01/05 ClearPath New members of US Congress include climate defenders, carbon tax opponents 2021/01/04 ClearPath That pandemic relief bill is the biggest thing Congress has done to battle climate change in years 2021/01/04 ClearPath Bill to further energy storage research and development signed into law 2020/12/30 ClearPath Climate Action For Christmas? 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Voters to set pace for U.S. emission cuts 2020/11/03 ClearPath Nuclear Energy Jobs on the 2020 Georgia Ballot 2020/11/02 ClearPath A Path to Strengthen US Competitiveness & Drive Global Development 2020/10/28 ClearPath Republicans vie for powerful energy spending post 2020/10/28 ClearPath Climate policy faces a tough road through Congress regardless of electoral outcomes 2020/10/26 ClearPath US demonstration reactor finalists champion innovative designs 2020/10/20 ClearPath Asbestos could be a powerful weapon against climate change (you read that right) 2020/10/06 ClearPath Key financial regulator to headline House hearing 2020/09/28 ClearPath Support for the House bill is a mixed bag 2020/09/28 ClearPath Republicans Propose Real Solutions for Energy Sector 2020/09/27 ClearPath Texas could be poised to lead in carbon capture technology 2020/09/25 ClearPath Texas could be poised to lead in carbon capture technology 2020/09/24 ClearPath Energy-tech bills collide with fraught politics of the Hill 2020/09/24 ClearPath Petra Nova is closed: What it means for carbon capture 2020/09/22 ClearPath Rich Powell and the Conservative Case for Nuclear 2020/09/12 ClearPath Climate legislation needs to be priority for coming administration, panel says 2020/09/10 ClearPath Business Analyst Joins ClearPath Policy Team 2020/09/04 ClearPath Conservative Clean Energy Group Hires Former Tesla Analyst 2020/09/04 ClearPath US must counteract China's rapidly increasing carbon emissions 2020/08/27 ClearPath Unlikely energy bedfellows team up on House package 2020/08/27 ClearPath Clean energy innovation Is unlocking private venture capital 2020/08/06 ClearPath GOP embraces liberal environmentalism skeptic with radical plan for nuclear energy 2020/07/28 ClearPath US agency ends ban, will now finance advanced nuclear projects abroad 2020/07/24 ClearPath Some in nuclear industry surprised by UCS support for new nuclear 2020/07/15 ClearPath US senators urge agency not to allow funding of 'risky' nuclear projects 2020/07/10 ClearPath US nuclear investment expected to soar after DFC ban lifted 2020/07/07 ClearPath Rich Powell: The Future of Nuclear Energy and Tech 2020/07/04 ClearPath McMorris Rodgers leads proposal on maximizing nation’s hydropower resources 2020/07/01 ClearPath House Democrats’ Climate Plan Embraces Much of Green New Deal, but Not a Ban on Fracking 2020/07/01 ClearPath Democrats: 'We will turn this report into law' 2020/06/30 ClearPath Nuclear energy allies back advanced reactors in NDAA 2020/06/29 ClearPath Lawmakers line up to fill NDAA with energy, enviro bills 2020/06/29 ClearPath NEI Emphasizes Cooperation with Renewables 2020/06/28 ClearPath Utilities struggle with next phase of CCS 2020/06/25 ClearPath Removal of US agency financing ban to help advanced reactors, analysts say 2020/06/17 ClearPath House, Senate Panels Urged to Give Targeted Aid to Clean Energy 2020/06/16 ClearPath Lawmakers to review energy downturn, federal response 2020/06/15 ClearPath Trump policy change could be game changer for small nuclear reactors 2020/06/13 ClearPath U.S. Development Agency Proposes Financing of Nuclear Power Exports 2020/06/11 ClearPath U.S. Development Agency Proposes Financing of Nuclear Power Exports 2020/06/11 ClearPath US agency plans to lift nuclear power plant financing ban: spokeswoman 2020/06/10 ClearPath Bold American Strategy to Lead on Nuclear Energy 2020/06/02 ClearPath IRS clarifies carbon capture tax credit, but more policies needed to drive deployment, analysts say 2020/06/01 ClearPath 'Code for oil expansion.' Greens say CCS plan helps drilling 2020/06/01 ClearPath What Do California’s New Large Battery Storage Deals Mean for Natural Gas? 2020/05/27 ClearPath Pandemic, price war propel House Republican energy team 2020/05/20 ClearPath Port of Corpus Christi Hosts Annual Texas Energy Day Via Webinar 2020/05/18 ClearPath Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program Gets $230 Million from DOE 2020/05/15 ClearPath Industry experts assess energy’s future amid coronavirus 2020/05/14 ClearPath Movers and Shakers 2020/05/11 ClearPath Conservative Movers and Shakers 2020/05/08 ClearPath Lowering Carbon Emissions ‘Absolutely’ Part of DOE’s New Nuclear Plan, Brouillette Says 2020/04/23 ClearPath Pandemic response could include significant clean energy investment, experts say 2020/04/07 ClearPath EPA issues rule for CO2 injection 2020/04/06 ClearPath Colorado is poised to boost innovation in clean energy 2020/04/03 ClearPath Here’s what a coronavirus-like response to the climate crisis would look like 2020/03/24 ClearPath In 'milestone,' NRC gets first combined license application for advanced reactor 2020/03/20 ClearPath Study Reveals Wavering In Conservative Climate Beliefs 2020/03/20 ClearPath National Review Podcast: Cleaner, Safer, Cheaper Energy 2020/03/19 ClearPath Scaling Energy Storage Is a Climate Action Enabler 2020/03/19 ClearPath California Company Proposes First Advanced Nuclear Reactor 2020/03/18 ClearPath Groups Call for Clean Energy Innovation Funding 2020/03/17 ClearPath Energy Groups Unite to Push Expanding R&D Dollars 2020/03/16 ClearPath Coal panelists argue for carbon capture 2020/03/05 ClearPath A Grand Challenge To Commercialize Energy Storage 2020/03/05 ClearPath Carbon-free nuclear power in a crisis just when it's most needed 2020/02/24 ClearPath Group tied to Bill Gates pushes for more research spending 2020/02/19 ClearPath Views on the White House budget 2020/02/11 ClearPath Filling a Void on the Right: A think tank formed with a $165 million donation develops free-market policies on climate change 2020/02/11 ClearPath In hottest decade on record, climate change appears nowhere in State of the Union address 2020/02/05 ClearPath Jay Faison: Clean-energy supporters should support nuclear power 2020/01/25 ClearPath Conservative Clean Energy Groups Staffs up 2020/01/15 ClearPath Conservative energy group expands lobbying 2020/01/15 ClearPath Renewed Push on "Technology Neutral" Credit 2020/01/08 ClearPath Congress boosts clean energy funding 2019/12/18 ClearPath Washington To Wall Street Hears Harmony On CCS To Address Climate Change 2019/11/21 ClearPath Moniz leads push for clean energy innovation 2019/11/21 ClearPath Daily on Energy: Carbon tax and dividend under spotlight 2019/11/07 ClearPath Conservative clean energy group adds to its policy team 2019/11/07 ClearPath Walden's Exit Sets off Jockeying for Top Energy and Commerce Spot 2019/10/28 ClearPath Power-Sector Climate Pledges Revive Debate Over Clean-Energy Mandates 2019/10/07 ClearPath Path Shifts for Advanced Nuclear Legislation in the House 2019/09/27 ClearPath Duke unveils net-zero carbon goal for 2050 2019/09/18 ClearPath Rich Powell: Dems want to fight climate change in all the wrong ways – Here’s what they should support 2019/09/04 ClearPath Perry presses ahead on advanced nuclear reactors 2019/08/15 ClearPath Republicans promote emissions reductions, the GOP way 2019/07/25 ClearPath The overlooked promise of capturing carbon from gas plants 2019/07/16 ClearPath GOP seeks streamlined path for advanced reactor licensing 2019/06/25 ClearPath Congress’ Midyear Environment Grade: Middling, Observers Say 2019/06/25 ClearPath Bipartisan bill targets federal nuke PPA by 2024, advanced reactor demos by 2025 2019/06/20 ClearPath Bipartisan House Members Introduce Nuclear Energy Leadership Act 2019/06/18 ClearPath ClearPath hires Capitol Hill veteran for communications 2019/06/17 ClearPath ClearPath nuclear expert moves to Senate Energy Committee 2019/06/05 ClearPath The ticket to 100% renewable power is underneath our feet 2019/05/28 ClearPath Storage advocates await leadership action as bipartisan bills pile up in Congress 2019/05/23 ClearPath Conservative climate groups hope to seize the Green New Deal moment too 2019/04/29 ClearPath An Unexpected Current That's Remaking American Politics 2019/04/29 ClearPath ClearPath's Faith Martinez-Smith talks deep decarbonization, energy storage 2019/04/19 ClearPath Industry hopes military nuclear reactor push will pay off 2019/04/07 ClearPath Bipartisan nuclear bill extends advanced reactor push 2019/03/28 ClearPath What's next for the Green New Deal? 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