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2018/12/21 – E&E
DOE Skirts Shutdown Brouhaha
2018/12/14 – Utility Dive
House to Introduce Carbon Capture Bill Amid Questions of Tech Viability
2018/12/04 – The Colorado Sun
Xcel Energy Aims to Have Zero Carbon Emissions
2018/12/04 – Energy News Network
Will ambitious Xcel climate plan include carbon capture?
2018/11/15 – Washington Examiner
Lawmakers Eye Working Together on Small-Ball Climate Bills
2018/10/05 – Politico Pro
Nuclear Power's Predicament
2018/09/28 – E&E
Trump Signs "Moonshot" Storage Bill
2018/09/28 – E&E
Experts Say Nuclear Bill a Breakthrough, But More Needed
2018/09/26 – E&E
Nuclear Fee Bill Passes
2018/09/06 – Washington Examiner
Senators in Both Parties Look to Military to Save Nuclear Power
2018/09/09 – E&E
Senate Aide Joins Conservative Clean Energy Group
2018/09/10 – Utility Dive
Bipartisan Senators Seek to Revive Nuclear Energy Investment
2018/09/07 – E&E
Bipartisan bill aims to reinvigorate nuclear research efforts
2018/07/25 – Quartz
Carbon Capture Touted as Economic Win
2018/05/25 – E&E
Trump aide touts carbon reductions at global summit
2018/05/22 – E&E
Senate panel passes Barrasso-Whitehouse carbon capture bill
2018/05/13 – Washington Examiner
Trump is greener than you think he is
2018/05/07 – E&E
Clean energy group adds to advisory board
2018/05/07 – Washington Examiner
Former Trump energy adviser joins conservative clean energy group
2018/05/02 – Reuters
Clean energy sector swings Republican
2018/04/12 – E&E Daily
Barrasso-Whitehouse carbon capture bill called 'critical'
2018/04/03 – Greenwire
Groups: Don't skimp on energy innovation dollars
2018/03/12 – Greenwire
Carbon capture credit will cause a 'surge' in projects
2018/03/01 – Houston Chronicle
Perry calls shift from fossil fuels 'immoral'
2018/03/01 – Utility Dive
The Stealth NOPR?
2018/02/20 – America Trends Podcast
Does nuclear power in America deserve another look? (Rich Powell interview)
2018/02/09 – Houston Chronicle
Congressional budget deal includes carbon capture funding
2018/02/09 – Quartz
Trump signed landmark carbon capture tech bill
2018/02/08 – Washington Examiner
Senate puts clean energy incentives in spending deal
2018/01/11 – Washington Examiner
California's last nuclear plant to close
2017/12/21 – N.Y. Times
Georgia Keeps Nuclear Project Alive
2017/11/13 – Wall Street Journal
Future of U.S. Nuclear Is Bright – And Non-Negotiable
2017/11/06 – Washington Examiner
Rep. Ryan Costello: China 'cleaning our clock'
2017/11/02 – Washington Examiner
Energy Winners, Losers in House GOP tax reform plan
2017/10/31 – Greentech Media
Experts Debate Energy Department's Coal, Nuclear Market Intervention
2017/10/24 – Axios
New muscle for energy innovation group
2017/10/14 – Casper Star-Tribune
Wyoming Carbon Capture Push Continues
2017/10/09 – Greenwire
Perry Delivers Nuclear For Trump
2017/10/03 – Houston Chronicle
Hope yet for carbon capture under Trump?
2017/09/29 – Washington Post
Rick Perry Proposes Sweeping New Steps to Help Struggling Nuclear
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An Expert Briefing on the Nuclear Energy Leadership Act (NELA)

A panel of experts discussed the Nuclear Energy Leadership Act (NELA), a comprehensive blueprint for the U.S. to once again lead the world in next-generation nuclear power. NELA addresses the lack of aggressive yet achievable milestones for U.S.-led advanced reactor technologies and of an overall long-term strategy for the direction of U.S. nuclear science and engineering research and development.

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Rich Powell testifies before House Energy Subcommittee on Department of Energy modernization

Rich advocated the need for “moonshot” clean energy technology goals

View Rich’s opening statement

View other clips of the testimony on our youtube channel

Is China Winning the Clean Energy Innovation Race?

At a Nov. 6, 2017 event sponsored by ClearPath, Rep. Ryan Costello and a panel of experts moderated by Axios energy reporter Amy Harder tackled the question of whether China was running fast in front of the U.S. in the clean energy innovation race and, if so, what can the U.S. do to catch up?

View full event

Jay Faison testifies on advanced nuclear before Senate energy and water spending panel

Subcommittee hearing titled “The Future of Nuclear Power”

Read more at Appropriations Committee

Jay’s prepared testimony for Senate energy and water spending hearing

America has an opportunity to continue to lead the global market for clean, safe, affordable, reliable, proliferation-resistant advanced nuclear reactors …

Read more at Appropriations Committee

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