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2019/08/15 – Houston Chronicle
Perry presses ahead on advanced nuclear reactors
2019/07/25 – E&E
Republicans promote emissions reductions, the GOP way
2019/07/16 – Washington Examiner
The overlooked promise of capturing carbon from gas plants
2019/06/25 – E&E
GOP seeks streamlined path for advanced reactor licensing
2019/06/25 – Bloomberg
Congress’ Midyear Environment Grade: Middling, Observers Say
2019/06/20 – Utility Dive
Bipartisan bill targets federal nuke PPA by 2024, advanced reactor demos by 2025
2019/06/18 – Morning Consult
Bipartisan House Members Introduce Nuclear Energy Leadership Act
2019/06/17 – E&E
ClearPath hires Capitol Hill veteran for communications
2019/06/05 – E&E
ClearPath nuclear expert moves to Senate Energy Committee
2019/05/28 – Grist
The ticket to 100% renewable power is underneath our feet
2019/05/23 – Utility Dive
Storage advocates await leadership action as bipartisan bills pile up in Congress
2019/04/29 – MIT Technology Review
Conservative climate groups hope to seize the Green New Deal moment too
2019/04/29 – Politico
An Unexpected Current That's Remaking American Politics
2019/04/19 – Smart Brief
ClearPath's Faith Martinez-Smith talks deep decarbonization, energy storage
2019/04/07 – National Journal
Industry hopes military nuclear reactor push will pay off
2019/03/28 – Utility Dive
Bipartisan nuclear bill extends advanced reactor push
2019/03/27 – Pacific Standard
What's next for the Green New Deal?
2019/03/19 – Fox News
Jay Faison: Climate change is real but the Green New Deal Isn't the solution
2019/03/13 – CBS News
Meet the GOP Congressman Trying to "Redefine" Climate Narrative
2019/03/13 – Morning Consult
Nuclear Jobs Outlook Hinges On Advanced Designs
2019/03/08 – Washington Examiner
The Moderate Republican on Pelosi's Climate Committee
2019/03/08 – E&E Daily
Climate Debate Might Help Both Parties
2019/02/22 – Houston Chronicle
Are Republicans wavering on climate change?
2019/02/21 – Washington Examiner
Conservatives battle over GOP appointments to Pelosi's climate committee
2019/02/21 – Politico Pro
As public opinion shifts on climate, so does Republicans' rhetoric
2019/02/15 – TIME
The Green New Deal Could Launch Republican Climate Solutions
2019/02/13 – BBC WS
ClearPath's Rich Powell debates AOC adviser on Green New Deal
2019/02/12 – National Journal
Lawmakers Pitch Nuclear Energy, Carbon Capture to Scale Down Emissions
2019/02/07 – ELLE
What You Need to Know About the Green New Deal
2019/02/09 – Politico
‘It's crazy. It's loony': Republicans giddy as Democrats champion 'Green New Deal'
2019/02/08 – E&E
Senators ponder 'big ifs' of 'Green New Deal'
2019/02/07 – Daily Caller
Ocasio-Cortez Bungled Green New Deal’s Release. Her Staff Took Its Webpage Offline
2019/02/07 – CNN
On Capitol Hill, New Calls for Rapid Action on Climate Change
2019/01/31 – Washington Post
The Green New Deal? A Green New Deal? Whatever it is, 2020 Democrats support it.
2019/01/23 – Star Telegram
Amid chaos in Washington, Trump’s energy secretary Rick Perry keeps on going, quietly
2019/01/28 – Our Energy Policy
A Realistic Strategy for Climate Change
2019/01/21 – Daily Energy Insider
Addressing Climate Change Through Energy Innovation May Take an Infrastructure Revolution
2019/01/18 – Oil & Gas Journal
US needs to improve its energy innovation process, speakers suggest
2019/01/16 – Washington Examiner
Green New Deal Not a Priority as State Regulators Descend on Washington
2019/01/15 – E&E
Trump's nuclear revival? It's a 'black box'
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ClearPath Executive Director, Rich Powell testifies at House Budget Committee Climate Change Hearing

The House Budget Committee held a hearing on Wednesday, July 24 entitled, The Costs of Climate Change: From Coasts to Heartland, Health to Security. Powell advocates for clean energy innovation and getting the committee to focus on investment over spending.

View Rich’s opening statement

View the full written testimony

Rich Powell speaks on a panel at CERA Week on "Financing Innovation Across the Energy System"

Rich served on a panel at CERA Week 2019 about innovation, energy markets and moonshot goals.

View Rich’s highlights video

View entire panel video

Rich Powell testifies before House Ways and Means Committee on the economic and health consequences of climate change

Jay Faison testifies before Senate Energy and Natural Resources hearing on the status and outlook of U.S. energy innovation

Jay detailed how U.S. clean energy innovation leadership can spur a pragmatic global climate strategy

View Jay’s opening statement

View other clips of the testimony on our youtube channel

View the full written testimony

Rich Powell testifies before House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on climate change

An Expert Briefing on the Nuclear Energy Leadership Act (NELA)

A panel of experts discussed the Nuclear Energy Leadership Act (NELA), a comprehensive blueprint for the U.S. to once again lead the world in next-generation nuclear power. NELA addresses the lack of aggressive yet achievable milestones for U.S.-led advanced reactor technologies and of an overall long-term strategy for the direction of U.S. nuclear science and engineering research and development.

View full event

View highlights

Rich Powell testifies before House Energy Subcommittee on Department of Energy modernization

Rich advocated the need for “moonshot” clean energy technology goals

View Rich’s opening statement

View other clips of the testimony on our youtube channel

Is China winning the clean energy innovation race?

At a Nov. 6, 2017 event sponsored by ClearPath, Rep. Ryan Costello and a panel of experts moderated by Axios energy reporter Amy Harder tackled the question of whether China was running fast in front of the U.S. in the clean energy innovation race and, if so, what can the U.S. do to catch up?

View full event

Jay Faison testifies on advanced nuclear before Senate energy and water spending panel

Subcommittee hearing titled “The Future of Nuclear Power”

Read more at Appropriations Committee

Jay’s prepared testimony for Senate energy and water spending hearing

America has an opportunity to continue to lead the global market for clean, safe, affordable, reliable, proliferation-resistant advanced nuclear reactors …

Read more at Appropriations Committee

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