Spencer Nelson

Policy Associate


Spencer is a Policy Associate at ClearPath focusing on nuclear energy, science & innovation policy, and energy economics.

Spencer Joined ClearPath in 2015 from UNC Chapel Hill, where he was chairman of the Energy Special Projects Committee. His academic research took him to the Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment in Bangkok, where he conducted life cycle analysis of Thailand’s hydraulic fracturing potential. His other energy research includes global geothermal energy potential in OECD and developing countries.

He also has a research background in environmental genetics, with past focuses on phytoplankton productivity responses to nutrient changes at UNC, and the genetic component of susceptibility to air pollution at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.


Spencer graduated from UNC with a B.S. in Energy and Sustainability and a B.S. in Quantitative Biology.

Area of Expertise

Nuclear Energy and Innovation Policy