Introducing the first national survey on clean energy led by a super-group of conservative pollsters.

Whit Ayres

Lead Political Consultant

Kristen Soltis Anderson

Partner at Echelon Insights

Glen Bolger

Lead Political Strategist

Do Republicans think we should accelerate the development of clean energy?

72% of Republicans 

support accelerating the development of clean energy


Why do so many Republicans support taking action to accelerate the development and use of clean energy?

77% support 

so American innovation can create economic growth and jobs at home

79% support 

so America is less dependent on energy from the Middle East

80% support 

so America will have cleaner, healthier air and less pollution

“The best messaging on clean energy de-politicizes climate and emphasizes the wide array of benefits that clean energy provides.”
– Kristen Soltis Anderson