Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of clean energy.

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This model was created by using long term polling data from the University of Texas, Yale, and Pew Research Center, and matching it with message testing conducted by Republican pollsters at Echlon Insights, Northstar Opinion Research and Public Opinion Strategies. It leverages multilevel regression and poststratification (MRP) as the main methodology. Read more about that approach here.

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People believe that energy production isn’t part of the conservative voters top concerns. And they are wrong.

Energy, when paired with the impacts to other top issues like the economy, jobs, national security or public health, becomes a top voting topic. This is why we started ClearPath Polling, to help conservatives understand the tried and tested ways to drive a 21st century energy agenda.

Whit Ayres

Lead Political Consultant

Kristen Soltis Anderson

Partner at Echelon Insights

Glen Bolger

Lead Political Strategist

Additional Polling

Opinions and attitudes toward energy consumption, pricing, development and regulation

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Public opinion data on renewable energy policy support conducted longitudinally at a local level

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