Embedded PDF test using pdf.js.
Flat layout embedding.
Right-click copy page images.
Social sharing image server-side rendering of first page.
Social sharing image server-side rendering of selected pages.
Social sharing header integration.
Text selection.
Text searching.
Lazy loading (loads asynchronously, in background).
Lazy rendering (renders asynchronously, in background).
Prioritized rendering (prioritizes what you’re looking at).
Printing support (requires print integration via button or keyboard).
Printing support fallback (instruct user to print via button or keyboard).
Provide print button.
Auto-rotation of pages during print.
Auto-scaling of rotated pages to fit container.
Provide direct link to PDF document (open in new window).
Provide download link to PDF document (instant download).
Internal navigation link support.
Internal navigation link target highlighting.
External link support (open in new window, rel=”nofollow”).
Modularized (styles, scripts, php).
Override WordPress attachment page (currently redirect) if PDF target.
Chrome desktop support.
Firefox desktop support.
Android browser support.
Chrome Mobile browser support.
Safari support. (Should work.)
Safari Mobile support. (Should work.)
Firefox mobile support.

[pdf url=”https://static.clearpath.org/2018/07/Final-07.24.18-CURC-EPRI-Roadmap.pdf” /]