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2018/01/11 – Washington Examiner
California's last nuclear plant to close
2017/12/21 – N.Y. Times
Georgia Keeps Nuclear Project Alive
2017/11/13 – Wall Street Journal
Future of U.S. Nuclear Is Bright – And Non-Negotiable
2017/11/06 – Washington Examiner
Rep. Ryan Costello: China 'cleaning our clock'
2017/11/02 – Washington Examiner
Energy Winners, Losers in House GOP tax reform plan
2017/10/31 – Greentech Media
Experts Debate Energy Department's Coal, Nuclear Market Intervention
2017/10/24 – Axios
New muscle for energy innovation group
2017/10/14 – Casper Star-Tribune
Wyoming Carbon Capture Push Continues
2017/10/09 – Greenwire
Perry Delivers Nuclear For Trump
2017/10/03 – Houston Chronicle
Hope yet for carbon capture under Trump?
2017/09/29 – Washington Post
Rick Perry Proposes Sweeping New Steps to Help Struggling Nuclear
2017/09/26 – E&E Daily
National Clean Energy Week hits Capitol Hill
2017/09/20 – E&E Daily
“Hand-To-Hand’ Combat on Nuclear Incentives
2017/09/14 – N.Y. Times
Harrowing Storms May Move Climate Debate
2017/08/31 – Washington Examiner
Nuclear Power Gets a Second Chance
2017/08/24 – Reuters
Energy Department Grid Study Says More Nuclear Power Needed
2017/08/24 – Associated Press
After S.C. Plant Failure, Backers Seek Federal Nuclear Aid
2017/08/04 – Washington Post
U.S. Running Out of Nuclear Options
2017/07/31 – Politico Pro
Trump's Coal Busting Eats Away Case For Nuclear
2017/07/31 – Washington Examiner
Utility Stops Construction Of S.C. Nuclear Plant
2017/07/31 – N.Y. Times
U.S. Nuclear Comeback Stalls
2017/07/18 – Greenwire
Lively Debate Likely As Trump Assessing Nuclear Industry
2017/07/18 – E&E
House passes hydro, security bills
2017/06/30 – Climatewire
Trump's Energy Promises? Some Already Exist
2017/06/29 – The Hill
Trump Vows U.S. Energy Dominance
2017/06/29 – Bloomberg
Trump’s Nuclear Revival Starts
2017/06/21 – SNL
Congress pushes hydropower reform
2017/06/20 – Washington Examiner
House passes tax bill to boost nuclear
2017/06/20 – Washington Post
Idaho Reactor Could Change Nuclear Energy's Future
2017/05/29 – Casper Star-Tribune
Wyoming GOP split over coal financing
2017/05/22 – Washington Examiner
Trump's clean energy agenda fueled by Chinese coal
2017/05/17 – Axios
Trump's plan to cut fossil fuel, nuclear funding
2017/04/21 – Politico Pro
Carbon capture advocates want Perry to take coal to the future
2017/03/24 – Weekly Standard
A Conservative Takes On Climate Change
2017/03/13 – The Hill
Coal industry urges Trump to protect fossil fuel research
2017/03/13 – Politico
Groups: Don't Cut Fossil Funding
2017/03/12 – Washington Times
Protecting the coal industry
2017/03/10 – Ozy
How clean energy will shift in the Trump era
2017/02/25 – Casper Star-Tribune
Conservative clean energy advocate visits Wyoming
2017/01/24 – E&E
House passes nuclear, FERC bills
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