Jeff Burton

Former Deputy Executive Director, NRCC; CEO of Prevail Strategies

“The Republican Party has boxed themselves in on clean energy and the environment to the point where there won’t be anything left of the Party in the future unless we change the way we talk about these issues. Women, minorities and the constantly talked about millennial generation all overwhelmingly agree that the Republican Party needs solutions and that legislative leaders at the local, state and federal need to produce better ideas on how to solve the important issues that are affecting us both now and in the future. It’s time for the Republican Party to join the discussion and lead on energy and the environment with free-market solutions that appeal to conservatives, independents and the majority of the American public. Otherwise we will ultimately be forced to accept Barbara Boxer and Ed Markey’s solutions, just like we did with Obamacare.”


Jeff served as Deputy Executive Director of the NRCC from 2010-2012, where he was a senior political strategist for the House Republican leadership. In that role he was integrally involved in every targeted House race in the country and developed an unmatched expertise about the electoral map and what makes the decisive difference in campaigns. Prior to his tenure at the NRCC, Jeff served on the senior staff to Eric Cantor.


B. A. from Northern Arizona University

Area of Expertise

Political Strategy, Electoral Politics